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First blog with the new website

Hello everyone how is everyone doing ?

This is my first blog with my new website that launched on December 1st and Ive got to say this is a very exciting time. I made the leap to changing over to Shopify and then expanding my line to include cosmetics. 

I started working on my new website sometime in November hoping that it would be ready by December and lets just say that was extremely ambitious to say the least lol ! Regardless of the fact that I was not completely satisfied with the website I launched it on December 1st as planned and it was met with lots of enthusiasm and plenty of purchases. Adding Cosmetics was something I've been thinking and dreaming about for years and I was pleasantly surprised at how much women and young girls love my lipgloss, lipstick and skincare.

Now the next challenge is getting new customers through marketing and adds on social media and good old word of mouth still works thank goodness. Infact that is how I built most of my customer base so far.

As a thank you to my customer's old and new I would like to offer a 25% discount on all products for the entire month of January, use NEWYEARSALE and feel free to share and tell a friend all about it and it is good till January 31st on all products just remember to use the code at check out !! So excited to see who will go shopping and try out my amazing new skin care line. 

Have a healthy and successful 2022 !!

Just be you, MissG

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