*  "Your art work is Fire one of a kind but the labels give your candles a personal touch... 

DRAGONFLY is your brand and it's bad ass."

Regina Riesgo 



*  "The cucumber lotion was a God send last week when I had my hives and it was over 100 outside. I put the bottle in the fridge, let it get cold and then put it all over. It was the only thing that soothed my skin and left me smelling so good. Thank you so much MissG."

Veronica Rodriguez



* "I really dig your products, the Dia de los Muertos T-shirt is still the most comfortable shirt I own."

Mark Florez 



* "Thank you MissG for my wonderful goodies! She shipped this to me all the way from Fresno, California! Great company and her products make great gifts!"

Lisa Gutierrez



* "So I buy the Clarity lotion because my husband is a diabetic. I have used other lotions that are specific to his condition but No Good. Now when I apply Clarity I see a dramatic improvement within three days."

Mary Leppo



* "Pumpkin Spice is my new favorite scent the lotion is amazing and my skin feels amazing."

Rachel Hulsey



* "Today I used my new liquid lipstick (Aphrodite) and eye shadow (latte) from Dragonfly Company. I love both so much. I definitely need to try more colors in liquid lipsticks. Go check it out! I had got some before that came out blotchy. This one came on smooth and its matte but doesn't feel dry. Im in love !!!"

Lupe Posada