Lavender Bundle Box


@dragonflycompany My Lavender Bundle Box #PostitAffirmations #lavender #OLAFLEX #fyp #dragonfly  ♬ original sound - The Vegan Cosmetics Company
The new lavender bath and body box comes with all the essentials to spoil yourself with the calming fragrance of lavender for an at home spa night. My lavender fragrance is a little sweeter because I add a touch of cucumber a twist of Lilly and a tiny kiss of orange. Absolutely scrumptious.


Don't forget what a wonderful gift for someone special this would be as well !


1 5oz tumbler, 1 shower puff, 1 8oz lavender candle, 1 10oz lavender lotion, 1 5oz lavender bar soap, 1 lavender fragrance sachet, 1 lavender hair scrunch, 1 lavender exfoliating bath mitt and one manicure set .