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  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt
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  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle by Dragonfly Company
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Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle

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$5.99 USD
Limited Edition Exotic Fragrance Collection

The aroma of this candle is just delightful. This candle is a perfect blend of wood, citrus, and sage. The woody notes are mixed with the sweet fragrance of a blossoming field of sage, then mixed with the refreshing scent of citrus. This candle would be a joy to burn in your space.

Do not leave candles unattended 

Each 3oz candle comes in a beautiful gift box 


  • Proven Effective

    Clinically proven performance that beats market-leading synthetic formulas

  • Organic & Plant-Based

    Formulas from naturally derived ingredients that deliver results

  • Safe to Skin & Environment

    No synthetic hormones or carcinogens in any of our products

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